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Truthan's Aircraft Expense System is especially important for the pilot using personal aircraft for Business Flights.

When you rent an aircraft, you get a bill from the FBO. The IRS accepts this as the documentation of the cost of the flight. Now the FBO has gas, oil, maintenance, insurance, hangar/tiedown, overhaul reserve funds and PROFIT built in to their hourly rate. You as a private owner are at least entitled to the same, LESS PROFIT.

How? By documenting all of your costs!

When you use your personal aircraft, the only documents most of us have is gas and maybe oil. Truthan's Aircraft Expense System, with its' Monthly Entry pages, allows you to easily and accurately track all of your costs, including funding of reserves!

At the end of the (fiscal) year, using the handy calculators, you tally up your total hours flown, add in reserves, and total up all your costs. Now you have documented your total costs and can easily calculate your true cost per hour for the year! Your accountant will be happy and the IRS should stay off your back as well!

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