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Primary Features

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Just an inch wider & taller than a sectional chart, the Aircraft Expense System is designed for easy reading and storage. A clear vinyl cover is available to protect the book & keep your receipts.

Monthly Entry Page

The Aircraft Expense System's Monthly Entry page tracks flights by:

  • Date
  • Pilot (or client / customer name for business flights)
  • Hobbs or Tach time
  • Fuel purchased (quantity and cost)
  • Oil added (no need to guess how many quarts per hour you are burning).

Discover earlier if oil burn is increasing and maybe get by with a ring job versus a Top Overhaul!

List all other costs in the month they occur. Use the reminders for oil change times.

The monthly VOR Receiver Check gives cloud flyers a convenient place to record those required monthly VOR checks. NOTE: This is the only legal requirement the book fulfills.

Safety of Flight

The Aircraft Expense System has many Safety of Flight features.

For flying clubs and FBO's, your member/renter will now have aircraft performance data readily available (conveniently pre-recorded by you on the handy reference charts).

Mini-Booklet Insert

The Aircraft Expense System features a Mini Booklet Insert. It is conveniently located in the center of the book so you can easily remove it and carry it forward from year to year as a running record.

The insert is a cross-index for repairs or replacements of:

  • Instruments
  • Avionics
  • Engine
  • Airframe

For example, when was the Directional Gyro last overhauled? You currently have to hunt through the airframe log until you find it, one entry at a time, trying to read the mechanic's hand writing (and they flunked the Doctor's hand writing course).

With our Mini-Booklet Insert, just open to "Instrument Repairs & Replacements", scan the page until you find "DG" (it's even in your own hand writing), and note the date. Now you can quickly go to the airframe log just looking for the date!

The Mini-Booklet also has Squawk sheets. Ever get to the wrench's shop and say, "Gosh, there was something else I wanted you to look at, but I can't remember". Well, the book is kept in the plane, the plane is at the wrench's, so you can easily take care of minor maintenance problems before they become major problems or safety of flight issues!

If you want to personally track a few specific AD's or SB's, space is available in the Mini-Booklet section. Remember, the legal log entries are with the Engine and Airframe logbooks.


Each flight day includes the following amenities from our service partners:

  • Access to dressing rooms and a secure storage locker for your personal effects
  • A complimentary continental breakfast, featuring fresh roasted Driven Coffee
  • Free bottled water and canned soft drinks (Coke products)
  • A boxed lunch courtesy of Maria's Café & Deli (ham sandwich, apple, yogurt)
  • Afternoon coffee break courtesy of Driven Coffee Wholesalers with homemade baked cookies
  • A free Aircraft Expense logo t-shirt for you and your guest (S-XXL sizes)
  • A framed 8x10 photo of you beside your aircraft (digital version emailed upon request)

Reminder Page

The Aircraft Expense System Reminder Page is a convenient location to record useful information such as:

  • Serial numbers of engine, prop, airframe
  • Total Time Since New (TTSN)
  • Since Major OverHaul (SMOH)
  • Since Top OverHaul (STOH)
  • Tire pressures and installation dates
  • Dates for ELT, Pitot Static, annual, medical, BFR and IPC (ICC)
  • Names and phone numbers for your mechanic, avionics shop and insurance agent (with policy number)

Contact Information

Company Truthan Enterprises
Phone (352)
Postal address 8927 SE 70th Terrace
Ocala, FL  34472
Electronic mail info@AircraftExpense.com

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