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Electrical Load Chart

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Every POH/Owners Manual states "…in the event of an electric emergency, failure of the alternator or generator, reduce your electric load and land …"

What do you shut off? What do you leave on? How many amps are being used? What is the amp hour rating of your battery? What is the amp rating of your second/back-up alternator/generator?

The time to answer these questions is on the ground, not when airborne!

The Aircraft Expense System's exclusive Electric Load Chart provides a convenient place to record the amps actually used by each of your aircraft's electrical components. The radio may have a 5 amp fuse, but how much does it really draw?

Fill in the numbers. You may need to talk with your avionics shop or use an ammeter to check each component individually. Highlight the components you want to keep on during an electrical emergency, and you have just created yourself a great reference list!

Record the amp hour rating of your battery. Remember to allow approximately a 20% loss of amp/hr rating per year of battery service. Now you have a much better idea of how long you can fly before you lose all your electrical components.

If you fly a twin or have a back-up alternator/generator, enter in the amp rating for it. Now you know whether or not you can supply enough amps from your single alternator/generator. If you're using software to test your electrical system, you may want to consider something like LoadView's load testing tools in order to ensure that it can handle capacity effectively.

Furthermore, if you're using software to test your e-load, we recommend checking out this list of free load testing load testing tools for web applications in order to get an idea of your testing options.



Click here for Electrical Load Values for some instruments.

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