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With Truthan's Aircraft Expense System, your FBO can list pilots checked out in the aircraft on the "Flying Club" page. At a single glance, the FBO will know if the pilot is current on medical, BFR and IPC (ICC). The Safety of Flight information on the back cover has V-Speed and Performance data and our exclusive Electric Load Chart. After all, how many of your renters know the amp hour rating of the battery or what the amp rating of the alternator / generator is in your rental fleet? This information can reduce the risk of rental!

The Mini-Booklet Insert contains Squawk sheets, especially useful for rental / fleet aircraft. Catch minor maintenance items before they become major items or even safety of flight issues! This may also reduce your insurance risk.

The Monthly Entry page allows the FBO to track Hobbs or Tach times of up to 35 different flights per month. Fly more? GREAT! Use the next month's pages. We have intentionally not labeled the pages with monthly names. This way you can match your book with your fiscal year or use additional Entry Pages for a single month.

Don't just hand your renters the keys on a clipboard. Hand them a book loaded with safety information!



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